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Hydrogen Electrolyzer

The breakthrough configuration of our hydrogen electrolyzer technology enables the system to have extremely efficient of power consumption and an exceptionally longer stack lifetime.

Green Hydrogen

The cutting-edge stack design enables the system to adapt to renewable power directly; The avant-garde containerized Hydrogen Electrolyzer for MW to GW configuration is specially designed for Solar/Wind/Hydro power to Hydrogen projects.

Hydrogen Refueling Technology

Angstrom offers a range of hydrogen refueling technology from our innovative containerized refueling station, to our 3-in-1 cabinet refueling station, to the traditional ground refueling station.


Business Video Showcase

Angstrom Group is a Hydrogen Energy Systems & Technology provider based in Stoughton, Massachusetts, USA. we have delivered electrolyzers to commercial and academic clients worldwide. For the past decade, Angstrom has been working on the “clean power to hydrogen” concept to develop patented electrolyzer technology. To overcome the stack performance hurdle, we are developing membrane & electrode to continually improve functionality and efficiency of the Hydrogen Electrolyzer each year. We has delivered hydrogen electrolyzers to more than 30 countries since 2009.

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