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    Household Micro Grid System

    The household micro-grid uses this abundant element to give clients a reliable and sustainable source of power, fuel, and heat for a totally green (zero greenhouse emission) and cost effective lifestyle (self-sufficiency). Angstrom hydrogen generator, with model 1-30Nm3/h, can use the intermittent power from wind/solar to generate high purified hydrogen (>99.999%) for directly use (cooking), for power whenever is needed (through the fuel cells) and for FCVs (fuel cell vehicles).

    Green Hydrogen

    Hydrogen gas is one of the most important gases in the area of industry. Some of its many applications include: syngas (synthetic gas), metallurgy, welding, petrochemical, fertilizer, etc. Angstrom Advanced Inc. has developed its hydrogen generator for many years, and features multiple core technologies that adapt to and efficiently take advantage of unstable and intermittent renewable power sources (wind/solar).

    Hydrogen Fueling Station

    Angstrom Advanced Inc. has optimized its water electrolysis system to transfer intermittent wind/solar power to hydrogen energy to an on-site hydrogen refueling station in a much more efficient way, and also increase the economic return 10-30%. Angstrom Advanced Inc. hydrogen fueling station uses 30-100 Nm3/h hydrogen generators to produce hydrogen16-50kg/day(for customized specifications, call Angstrom for details) and dispenses for vehicles in 35/70 MPa.